First promo image from ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special ‘Time of the Doctor’

Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor (Christmas Special 2013)

It’s been a few days since The Day of the Doctor first screened around the world, marking the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with style, thrills and multiple Doctors. Having now poured/cheered/wept/gasped over it umpteen times, the BBC has wasted very little time in beginning the teaser campaign for next month’s Christmas special.

The episode title has been revealed as The Time of the Doctor, and the BBC has released the teaser image below. What can we tell from this? Well, we already know that it will be the last episode for the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), giving way to incoming Time Lord Peter Capaldi. In the teaser image, the bells sound in the background, and a less than able bodied Cyberman dangles from the paw of the Eleventh. From behind a Christmas tree, the Silence look on…silently. Also: what’s that in Clara’s (Jenna Coleman) hands? It’s a Christmas cracker, you silly people. It’s not significant in any way. Although those arms coming up out of the snow might be…

From the 11-second teaser trailer released on the same day as the 50th special (embedded below), we also know that the Daleks and the Weeping Angels will make an appearance and something about a planet called Trenzalore.

Click image to enlarge (it’s bigger on the inside)

Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor (Christmas Special 2013)