Podcast: ABC Overnights – Food and Film

Chef - Jon Favreau

Returning to the ABC Studios in Ultimo for the first time in a while, Richard Gray joined ABC Overnights host Rod Quinn for a chat about food on film.


At the always fun hour of 4:10am on 12 July 2014, from La Grand Bouffe to Jon Favreau’s recent Chef, we chat about all manner of foodie films – from those set within restaurants to those whose seminal scenes would not have been possible without food. Think Julie & Julia and “Four fried chickens and a coke” from the Blues Brothers. 

Once again we need to thank Rod for the invite on the show, and producer Mark Sutton of course! We’ve been appearing on ABC Overnights semi-regularly, and you can find most of our previous appearances here. You can listen to our other weekly podcast over at Geek Actually.