Josh Leake uses Kickstarter to adapt Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Lullaby’ to the screen

Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby film

Filmmakers working with writer and occasional revolutionary Chuck Palahniuk have taken to Kickstarter to launch his latest project: an adaptation of his 2002 novel LULLABY. Andy Mingo will direct the film alongside producer Josh Leak, and they aim to raise a modest $250,000 US for the filming. As the site points out, the Fight Club budget was $63 million.

The crowdsourcing post describes the plots as follows: “LULLABY follows the life of Carl Streator—an over the hill reporter whose family mysteriously died years prior. After being assigned to investigate a rash of mysterious infant deaths, he discovers the killer of his own family—an ancient culling song published as a lullaby in a simple children’s book. Carl sets out to destroy existing copies throughout the world but is surprised to learn that the people he once trusted to stop the deaths may be involved in the heinous acts.”

Rewards for contributors include everything from a PDF of the shooting script and a copy of the completed film, through to production input, the opportunity to be an extra in the film, or a permanent mark of your love for the project with a starling tattoo.

Many of Palahniuk’s adaptations have had troubled production histories, with the last film of any note to make it to the bigscreen being 2008’s Choke, which received mixed reviews and a small box office return.

According to the spiel, the film aims to premiere in late 2017 or beginning 2018 and release it publicly “within 18 months” of that.

If you want to support the film, simply head to the Kickstarter website.