15 signs that it’s film festival season

A Clockwork Orange - Eyes

Is there ever a time when it’s not film festival season? The calendar is getting increasingly full, but there are certain times of the year when we seem to do nothing but prepare ourselves for the mental and physical challenge of seeing dozens of films in a short period of time. (Our personal festival record stands at 31 films in a cinema in 11 days, which feels lightweight in comparison to some of the reported festival flings). Yet there are always signs a major festival is coming: you feel it in your waters, and your film senses start tingling. Here are a few more ways to know you are in a festival season.

1. You find yourself waiting by the computer on the day the program is released…

Sherlock waiting patiently

2. …and discover that they are playing that hot Cannes favourite you’ve read about on IndieWire.

Jonah Hill excited

3. You quickly scramble to plan all of the films that you want to see over the weeks of the festival…


4. …only to discover that one film that conflicts with your carefully selected screenings.


5. Nevertheless, you manage to work out the perfect schedule: at least on paper.

i love it when a plan comes together

6. Until you realise that you’ve booked yourself into 5 films in one day.

What Have I Done?

7. And then you did it again the next day.

Make It Stop

8. So you get used to spending lots of time in line.

Annie Hall - Woody Allen in line

9. Running between sessions. In the rain.

Running in the rain

10. Which of course leads to feeling under the weather, promptly running out of tissues in a 3-hour movie.

Cameron dying

11. And struggle to keep your eyes open during the late-night sessions.

Don't Blink (Doctor Who)

12. And that last film just made no sense at all. It had something to do with Hungarians and potatoes.


13. Your friends think you’re mad for seeing more films in a week than they do in a year.

Haters Gonna Hate

14. But it’s all ok because you found yourself a gem you love.

Serious Gourmet Shit - Pulp Fiction

15. And you’ve already planned the next film you’re going to see.

Give it to me