Grant Gustin reveals ‘The Flash’ Season 3 pilot title: it’s officially Flashpoint

The Flash Season 2 Flashpoint

Star Grant Gustin took to Twitter today to reveal something that we suspected since the end of Season 2: the plot and title of the first episode of THE FLASH Season 3 will be “Flashpoint.” His simple tweet was clear and unambiguous: “FLASHPOINT. This is not drill.” It followed an earlier tweet from series executive producer Greg Berlanti who told Gustin “I’m cool with you telling them the title.”

Flashpoint - DC Comics CoverThis confirms at least part of the Crazy Fan Theory that we posted about last month, that the comic book event Flashpoint would be the focus of Season 3. The end of THE FLASH Season 2, Barry Allen (Gustin) runs back in time to stop his mother from being murdered at the hands of the Reverse Flash. As he does so, he watches an alternate timeline version of himself disappear, having altered history again and pushed the entire chronology of events from the first two seasons into oblivion.

Flashpoint was a 2011 event at DC Comics that served as a catalyst for a monumental shift in the DC Universe. The core mini-series, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, saw Barry Allen awaken to find that the entire universe had changed around him, and he was the only one with any memory of the differences. It was eventually revealed that this was all the result of Barry trying to stop his mother’s murder, as he does at the end of Season 2. Scenes from the mini-series, including Batman’s memorable attempt to recreate the accident that caused Barry to become The Flash, were already used in the second season.

Our Crazy Fan Theory elaborates on what a Season 3 set in an alternate world that only the viewer (and possibly Barry) knows is different would look like, and how that might impact the other series (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supegirl) in Greg Berlanti’s stable.

THE FLASH Season 3 Premiere is on Tuesday 4 October 2016 on the CW in the US, and fast-tracked to Fox 8 in Australia on Wednesday 5 October 2016 (which is only hours behind).