Happy 75th birthday, Green Arrow

Green Arrow - BirthdayDC Comics character and television star Green Arrow turns an impressive 75 years old today. Once a second-stringer who was only a back-up feature in other hero’s serials, the archer is now celebrated as the star of one of DC Entertainment’s flagship TV shows, along with headlining his own book and and entire Team Arrow at his back. Not bad for a septuagenarian.

Created by Mort Weisinger and artist George Papp, Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen) first hit newsstands in the pages of More Fun Comics #73 on 25 September 1941. Appearing with him was his trusty ward Speedy (aka Roy Harper), mimicking the successful Batman and Robin formula. He debuted in the same issue as Aquaman, so we guess it’s his 75th as well. Here’s an Fish Arrow on us.

To celebrate his birthday, we look back at some of the key moments in Green Arrow history, and recommend a few places to start reading. So happy birthday, Ollie: you’re unquestionably our favourite DC hero.

Green Arrow - 75 years montage

Just some of Green Arrow’s looks over the last 75 years