Wolverine 3 titled ‘Logan’ with new poster and script page

Logan poster (Wolverine 3)

The title of the third Wolverine movie has been revealed via the release of a new poster. Simply titled LOGAN, it confirms the release date of 3 March 2017 in the US. It’s slated for 2 March in Australia from Fox.

The poster below features a familiar clawed hand being held by a smaller child’s hand. Who is the kid? More to the point, the scarification of the wrist would suggest that Wolverine’s famed healing factor is perhaps no longer working. Many have suggested that this will follow the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, although Logan’s loss of his healing factor was definitely central to the Death of Wolverine arc in Marvel’s recent event. Either way, this is said to be actor Hugh Jackman’s swansong, his ninth and final time, so we might not be seeing this version of Wolverine much longer.

Logan poster (Wolverine 3)

Director James Mangold has also released a script page via Twitter, confirming that the content of the film is going for a hard R-rating like its stablemate Deadpool.

The cast also includes Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez, and we expect to see more photos, footage, and a trailer imminently.