2017 Gold Coast Film Festival announces Best Australian Indie Film Award

What If It Works?

Romi Trower’s feature film debut WHAT IF IT WORKS? has won the inaugural Best Australian Indie Film Award at the Gold Coast Film Festival. The film was selected out of five Australian indie features in contention.

Starring Anna Samson, Luke Ford and Brooke Satchwell, WHAT IF IT WORKS? is the story of a tech genius with OCD and an artist with dissociative identity disorder who find a way of getting through life together.   

A jury of five Australian film critics from the Australian Film Critics Association and the Film Critics Circle of Australia came together to select the award. The critics included ABC TV News Breakfast critic Zak Hepburn, Sydney-based FIPRESCI critic Annette Willis, SBS Movies critic Simon Foster and critic/broadcaster/academic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.

What If It Works?

In our review of the film, we found that it while “it does brush up against the notion that love can conquer mental illness, it also never shies away from the genuine hard work that people in similar relationships have to put in on a daily basis. A fun and engaging first feature from an Australian filmmaker, one that worms its way into your gooey insides the longer you spend with it.”

WHAT IF IT WORKS? debuts at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Friday 28 April 2017. Check gcfilmfestival.com for details.