Stan brings ‘Twin Peaks’ Double R diner to Gelato Messina

Twin Peaks Gelato Messina

Our log has something to tell you. With TWIN PEAKS returning to our screens in less than two weeks, we’ve all been binging on the original. With that comes the irresistible urge for pie. Stan, who are streaming the new series on the same day as the US, is partnering with Gelato Messina to transform two of their flagship stores for the first time in the gelato giant’s history, bringing the “damn fine” world of TWIN PEAKS to Sydney and Melbourne.

For one day only in each city, their Newtown (NSW) and Richmond (VIC) stores will become the place “where pies go when they die”, the iconic Double R Diner from the original TWIN PEAKS series. As part of the celebration, Gelato Messina will create a limited custom-made gelato ‘cherry pie’ (50 slices per venue) and 3 TWIN PEAKS-inspired gelato flavours. The Double R Diner will open its doors on Monday, May 22 at Gelato Messina, Newtown in Sydney and Thursday, May 25 at Gelato Messina Richmond in Melbourne. Both stores will be serving their complimentary TWIN PEAKS gelato creations exclusively for the entire day.

Declan Lee, owner of Gelato Messina said “Taking over one of our stores is a first in Messina history, so it had to be for something pretty special. We’re big fans of Twin Peaks and David Lynch, so crafting custom flavours and making our own gelato cherry pie ticks all the boxes for us.” One of the most ground-breaking and influential TV series of all time, the new limited event series TWIN PEAKS will debut only on Stan with a 2-part premiere on Monday May 22, at 2pm, followed immediately by parts 3 and 4.

Diane: should we start lining up for pie now?

For more information, visit Stan’s Twin Peaks Facebook Event pages:

Twin Peaks - Log Lady - Cherry Pie