‘Star Trek: Discovery’ trailers and poster warp in with style

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek has been off our television screens since 2005, and the franchise has more or less been dedicated to the cinematic reboot since then. With the first full trailer for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, set in a world 10 years before Kirk arrives on the scene, we see a massively ambitious piece of world-building that operates on a scale we’ve not previously seen on Star Trek‘s episodic adventures. Additionally, the series will feature 15 episodes, up from the previously announced 13.

Not for nothing either: when the show arrives on CBS All Access later this year, viewers will be paying a monthly access fee to catch the content in the US and Canada. Similarly, international subscribers will have to pony up for Netflix to watch the show. Each episode will launch on Netflix 24 hours after the US premiere on CBS.

This is actually a benefit to Australian and other international fans, as anyone who was a fan in the pre-web dark days of the 1990s will remember having to rent the monthly releases of the show at these things called “video stores.”

The trailer for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY comes at us with all the force of a theatrical special effects production, but there’s also a massive cast attached to it as well. Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou immediately exhibits a commanding presence, with The Walking Dead alumni Sonequa Martin-Green ready to take command as First Officer Michael Burnham.

Check it out below.

Netflix Australia has also provided us with key art and the teaser trailer for the Australian and New Zealand release of the series “this spring.” 

Star Trek: Discovery poster - Netflix