Partho Sen-Gupta directs Australian-French film ‘Slam’

Slam -Partho Sen Gupta

Screen Australia has announced that together with Screenwest and France’s CNC Cinémas du Monde, they will fund SLAM, the next film from writer/director Partho Sen-Gupta (Sunrise). Beginning production in October 2017, the film is the story the disappearance of a young Muslin girl. The particularly topical subject matter is sure to garner attention around the world, and is perhaps an example of how Australia’s voice can be heard on the world stage.

“I wrote SLAM with urgency and anger in reaction to the world around me nose-diving into hatred and fratricide. But I am very pleased that what has resulted is a poetic appeal to reason, a socially motivated thriller that transcends language and nationality. I am very excited to work with such a talented international cast and crew who were touched by the human story and will collaborate with me to bring my vision to the screen,” said writer/director Partho Sen-Gupta.

Partho Sen Gupta

The official synopsis continues as follows:

“Ameena, a young Australian of Palestinian origin, who mysteriously disappears one night after her slam poetry performance. An Australian air force fighter is shot down over Syria and the pilot is captured by the Islamic State. The two unconnected events wreak havoc in the quiet suburban life of Ameena’s brother Ricky when the media suggest that she is not a missing person but a ‘home-grown radical’ who has gone to Syria to join the Islamic State. For Joanne, the police officer assigned to the case, the only way to face her personal demons is to discover the truth behind Ameena’s disappearance.”

Featuring an international cast that includes Adam Bakri (the Oscar-nominated film Omar), Rachael Blake (Sleeping Beauty, Lantana) and Abbey Aziz (Let it Be Love), SLAM will be filmed in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and production in France.

This is part of a co-production agreement that France and Australia have had in place since 1986, one that has included films as diverse as Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World and Anne Fontaine’s Adoration. SLAM is expected to hit cinemas some time in 2018 from Bonsai Films, with Doc & Film International handling international sales. 

Slam poster -Partho Sen Gupta