‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3 adds Tala Ashe as Muslim-American hero

Legends of Tomorrow - Season 3 - Tala Ashe

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has rapidly become The CW‘s most adventurous and experimental show, and now Variety reports that it continues to be the most diverse as well. Tala Ashe will join the show’s third season as regular character Zari Adrianna Tomaz.

Her character is reportedly a Muslim-American from the year 2030, where human nature hasn’t kept up with the advancements in technology. Described as a “grey hat activist” in a world of fear and prejudice, she is unaware of the secret powers she possesses that come from an ancient source. The series will presumably pick up from the cliffhanger ending to season 2, where a battle with the Legion of Doom left the crew of the Waverider in a broken timestream. 

DC Comics fans will know that Tomaz is a citizen of the fictional country Kahndaq, where she fights against the evil Black Adam. She gains powers from an amulet and fights injustice as the hero Isis. We suspect that the CW may want to change her hero codename.

The character of Adrianna Tomaz was previous portrayed by Erica Cerra in the 1975-1976 series The Secrets of Isis (originally broadcast as The Shazam/Isis Hour on CBS), the first weekly American TV show with a female hero, predating both The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman.

The Iranian born Ashe has previous been seen in the series American Odyssey, Smash, and As the World Turns.