Brisbane International Film Festival is back for 2017

Brisbane Palace Barracks

Following the axing of the Brisbane Asia-Pacific Film Festival, the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) will return from August 17 to September 3 this year. That means only 9 weeks until the Festival launches!

The announcement ensures that the east coast of Australia is in a festival mood from a rainy June with the Sydney Film Festival, a chilly July/August for the Melbourne International Film Festival, and now starting to warm up for a late August/early September in Brissie.

The Festival is co- directed by Richard Sowada and Brisbane’s Maxine Williamson, the latter of whom was previously Film Director of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival. Palace Cinemas will host BIFF at its two Brisbane locations.

“I haven’t seen a period of more change, excitement and challenge in the film industry than in the last 18months” says BIFF Co-Director Richard Sowada. “A breaking down of creative and business territoriality and a real sense of political and artistic immediacy has changed the face of what a festival needs to be and what audiences expect from cinema.

“I am so happy we are ‘rebooting the BIFF!'” adds Williamson. “I look forward to engaging with industry in a meaningful way and to contribute to the growth of this vibrant creative arts sector. As a Brissie girl I am happy to play a part in this celebratory reboot.”

Check out the official channels for more details.

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