‘Doctor Who’: The 13th Doctor will be revealed this weekend

Doctor Who - 13th

The BBC has announced that the identity of the 13th Doctor will be revealed following the Wimbledon Men’s Final on Sunday 16 July UK time. They have also released a teaser trailer below.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t get this information until the actual regeneration during the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special in December. However, the marketing gods and the pressures of filming the scenes in advance are likely to spoil the moment anyway, so the BBC have decided to make their super early announcement to coincide with all the fun of SDCC this weekend.

There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the successor to Peter Capaldi, who began the regeneration in the cliffhanger Season 10 finale. Names bandied about have included Kris Marshall and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the latter part of a push to change the gender of the Time Lord for the first time in over five decades. After all, as we go into 2018, it’s about time The Doctor was something other than a white guy.

So here’s hoping for a quick straight sets victory in Wimbledon so we can get to that reveal a little bit faster. We will of course share the news next week.