D23: Pixar announces new film set in a ‘suburban fantasy world’

Pixar Animation Studios

The D23 Disney Animation panel, held today on 14 July 2017, announced THE UNTITLED PIXAR FILM THAT TAKES YOU INTO A SUBURBAN FANTASY WORLD.

The film will be from the creative forces of Dan Scanlon, co-writer and director on Monsters University. It is said to be a particularly personal film for Scanlon, who lost his father when he was one year old. “I have always wondered who my father was and how I’m like him,” said Scanlon. As such, the film follows two brothers who are on a quest to learn more about their father.

The concept is around a suburban world where humans don’t exist, and magic has been the dominant force that shaped society. Scanlon described the film as containing elves, sprites, trolls and “anything that would be on the side of a van in the 70s.” Unicorns, for example, are said to be so common that they’re considered pests.

No release date has been indicated yet.