SDCC 2017 Highlights

SDCC 2017: Highlights and trailers

Another San Diego Comic-Con is done and dusted, and like we say almost every year, the Monday should be a geek public holiday. We’re all still swooning from the sheer number of announcements. It truly is a great time to be a card-carrying fan.

The sheer amount of news from the ‘Con is a always hard to digest, so we’ve made it easy for you by summarising some of our favourite stories coming out of the last few days.

Links are provided to the full stories where we’ve covered them, so happy reading! You can find our complete SDCC 2017 coverage here.

FlashPoint Logo

DC Extended Universe

Confirmation was made for WONDER WOMAN 2, and the start of production on Joss Whedon’s BATGIRL. While these were very cool, the announcement of FLASHPOINT also snuck in under the radar alongside familiar names like Shazam, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Justice League Dark, and Green Lantern Corps. Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Flash film’s narrative also played a huge part of The Flash: Season 3. The series effectively rebooted the DCU with a new continuity. Could they be doing the same already at Warner?

Footage was also shown from the production of Aquaman, but this has yet to be released to the public. However, the centrepiece was a screening of the new trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE. The Internet immediately began to ask who Alfred is talking to in the final frames. We think the answer is Super-obvious.

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios

Despite showing at Disney’s D23 Expo last week, Marvel Studios didn’t disappoint with their announcements. They came in hard with casting announcements for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, which included Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne. (They also threw in this ANT-MAN Comic-Con poster at the last minute).

Then there was the surprising news that CAPTAIN MARVEL would be set in the 1990s, featuring a Nick Fury that had no less than two eyes. The alien Skrulls will also make their cinematic debut in the film.

The biggest reveal was the much craved AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer (also shown at D23), which won’t be released online just yet. Well, at least in any official forms. We did, however, get a new THOR: RAGNAROK trailer that is ridiculously hilarious, showing that Thor and Hulk are the best road travelling buddy team since Hope and Crosby.

Doctor Doom


We have to start here with Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE trailer, described as the “holy grail of pop culture.” Adapting Ernest Cline’s novel, you’ll immediately spot The Iron Giant, Freddy Kreuger, and even a DeLorean.

Perhaps the most surprising announcement came from Legion (and Fargo) showrunner Noah Hawley. During the panel for the former, he talked about a project he was working on for Fox. “”Two words. Doctor. Doom.” Is this a new FANTASTIC FOUR film or a DOCTOR DOOM solo project?

Todd McFarlane was less ambiguous with the announcement he would be working on a new SPAWN film with Blumhouse Productions.  Meanwhile, PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING teased some new Jaegers in a “viral” video.

DC’s Animated slate is about to get a little bigger as well. In addition to the upcoming Batman & Harley Quinn, Warner announced BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, followed by SUICIDE SQUAD: HELL TO PAY, an entire original story. Then there will be a two-part story split over 2018/2019: DEATH OF SUPERMAN and REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN

Stranger Things Season 2


TV and streaming are the new frontier, and collectively they eclipse anything happening on the big screen. YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS got in early with a graphic unveiling new members of the team.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY had a new trailer that teases a war with the Klingons – and Harry Mudd! Then there was an awesome trailer for THE DEFENDERS, finally bringing the four heroes of New York’s streets together. Netflix also announced IRON FIST: Season 2 for some reason.

On the last day of the Con, DOCTOR WHO took to the stage under the BBC America banner, revealing the cast, title and trailer for the Christmas Special. Allons-y!

Over at HBO, we got a first look at the second season of WESTWORLD. It leaves us with more questions than answers, but it certainly proves Delores’ prowess with a gun.

The first season of STRANGER THINGS blew us all away and made us instant fans. This new trailer ups the pop culture references and made us fall in love with the characters all over again.

If there’s one thing we want in a superhero show, it’s a lack of superheroes. At least that’s what the continue existence of Gotham would indicate. KRYPTON is set during Superman’s grandfather’s era, although the iconography suggests a connection to the film universe. We’ll wait and see.

Last but by no means least, THE WALKING DEAD teased its eighth season. After so many quibbles with the seventh year, there will be a lot of expectation around this one. The final few scenes lead to some big questions indeed.