New clip: ‘X-Men: First Class’ Experience

X-Men: First Class Experience

X-Men: First Class - ErikWith X-Men: First Class in cinemas this week, and it’s a corker we should add,we have just received this clip from the X-Men: First Class Experience.

Set in New York, atop the USS Intrepid we see various types of planes amongst skyline views. This is the chosen location for X-Men  training, where one can learn how to move and react like X-MEN themselves. Get an insight into the wind tunnel (Banshee), Stunt School, Parkour (Beast) & Energy Raise (Havok). You also see clips from the film, matching each of these activities…..What mutant powers do you think you would be good at?

We’re willing to say that, as film critics/couch potatoes, we probably wouldn’t be terribly good at any of it. Still we humbly suggest that you don’t try this at home. Unless you live on an aircraft carrier.

X-MEN_First Class Experience by AJ_Movies

X-Men: First Class is released in Australia on 2 June 2011 from Fox.

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