Trailers: Melbourne International Film Festival 2011

MIFF Trailer

MIFF 2011Last year’s Melbourne International Film Festival showed that it wasn’t against pitting a choc top and a bucket of popcorn against each other in a social media duel, and a series of trailers released yesterday show that even though they are turning 60 this year, self-parody is still a primary part of the MIFF ethos.

Taking a leaf out of the popular Downfall Internet meme of a few years ago, some of the genres that are typically associated with festivals are satirised in this set of trailers. There are both Chinese and Polish versions of these trailers, and a cameo from a fairly well-known Australian actor.

The Melbourne International Film Festival runs from 21 July to 7 August 2011 across Melbourne. The full program will be launched on July 7.

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