First Look: ‘Footloose’ Trailer and International Poster


The wave of remakes, sequels and reboots, it was inevitable that Footloose would eventually get the remake treatment. The trailer has been playing across the web all weekend, and now thanks to Paramount Australia, we have the official local version – complete with exploding bus –  to share with our readers. We’ve also included the brand-new international poster for the new film.

Made for the modern audience, the cast rocking the Ray Bans, dancing to hip hop, kicking it in converse and those red boots have taken this film to a whole new place. Julianne Hough plays Ariel and Kenny Wormald, Ren is dubbed to be the next Kevin Bacon. Haven’t heard of many of the actors? That’s because this film represents many dancers come actors to replicate and enhance the classic that is Footloose.

Footloose-Trailer by Paramount_Australia (Click link if video doesn’t appear)

Just for historical reasons, and for a bit of fun, here’s the trailer to the original Footloose, with decidedly fewer bus explosions. It’s a little bit more country to boot:


Paramount has also included the new international trailer, which differs significantly from the one we posted on out 2011 Release Guide late last week.

Footloose - International poster

Footloose is due to be released in Australia on 6 October 2011 from Paramount.

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