First Look: ‘Wu Xia’ Trailer

Wu Xia

Wu Xia/Swordsmen/Dragon posterPeter Ho-Sun Chan’s Wu Xia, also known as Dragon, is the next Chinese-language film to get a release in Australia. Although a low-res teaser has been floating around for a little while, thanks to WeDistributionHK we now get a look at the full trailer of the new Donnie Yen vehicle, still kicking after all these years.

Event Cinemas has the following official blurb: In the late Qing Dynasty, Liu (Donnie Yen, The Lost Bladesman) is a papermaker, leading a simple life with his wife Ayu (Tang Wei, Beginning of the Great Revival) and their two sons. Into their remote village comes Detective Xu (Takeshi Kaneshiro, Red Cliff), who is investigating the deaths of two bandits during a robbery. Xu quickly realizes that the incident in question was no ordinary botched robbery – and his dogged inquiry threatens to dredge up the dark secrets of Liu’s buried past, threatening not only Liu and his family, but the entire village.

This looks to be a slick and fast-paced actioner from Chan (Warlords, and producer of this year’s Mr. and Mrs. Incredible) and veteran Donnie Yen (Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen), who shows no signs of slowing down as he approaches 50, still churning out and average of three major pictures a year.

We are very keen to keep supporting Asian cinema in Australia here at The Reel Bits, as it frankly doesn’t get the promotion and the exposure that it deserves outside of the home entertainment market.

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Wu Xia is released in Australia on 7 July from China Lion.

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