The Reel Bits celebrates its 1st anniversary

Sixteen Candles

The Reel Bits Birthday poster 2011Happy birthday to us! On 4 July 2010, what we now know today as The Reel Bits launched as a simple blog. Today, we turn one year old – and we look a little bit different than we did back then.

One year ago today, we launched The DVD Bits Blog, ostensibly to talk about all of those things that we couldn’t fit onto the ancient DVD Bits mothership. Only twelve months later and The Reel Bits has become the focus of our lives.

In that short period of time, our small team has posted over 430 articles, including 269 film reviews, 102 pages worth of festival coverage, ran 26 major competitions and over 50 other articles.

Richard and Sarah would like to thank, first and foremost, all of our friends and fans we’ve either met personally at screenings over the last year, or via our major outlets of Twitter. We’d like to thank our Melbourne contributor Paul Ryan for getting to those screenings time and distance prevent us from attending. Massive thanks go out to all of the studios, distributors and festivals that have supported us in our start-up year: we quite literally couldn’t do this without your generosity.

Here’s to at least one more year! We look forward to redesigning the site with even more exciting content in the coming 12 months. Until then, look for the same quality content you’ve been loving for the last 12. Now, where’s our cake and elaborate set of presents?

The Reel Bits Birthday poster 2011The Reel Bits is the cinema arm of DVD Bits. Richard can be found on Twitter@DVDBits and Sarah @swardplay. The Reel Bits is also @The_ReelBits.