Kevin James to walk the red carpet in Sydney for ‘Zookeeper’

Kevin James in 'Zookeeper'

Zookeeper poster AustraliaSony has announced that Kevin James, perhaps best known for his role on the long-running TV series The King of Queens, will head to Australia this spring when he walks the red carpet for the Australian premiere of Zookeeper.

Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Grown Ups) will walk the red carpet at the Australian Premiere in Sydney on Sunday August 21, which will be held in conjunction with Sony Foundation Australia to help raise awareness for young people struggling with issues such as homelessness, serious illness and disability.

In Zookeeper, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kind-hearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes (Kevin James). Finding himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady, Griffin decides the only way to get a girl in his life is to leave the zoo and find a more glamorous job.  The animals, in a panic, decide to break their time-honoured code of silence and reveal their biggest secret: they can talk!  To keep Griffin from leaving, they decide to teach him the rules of courtship – animal style.  The film also stars Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb and features the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, and Sylvester Stallone.

Zookeeper is released in Australia on September 8 (Tasmania – September 1) from Sony.

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