First Look: ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ Teaser Trailer

The Amazing Spider-man (Andrew Garfield)

It is a week of superheroes. Hot on the heels of The Dark Knight Rises teaser, and that leaked trailer for The Avengers, comes the “other” massive superhero film of 2012, The Amazing Spider-man.

This is a definite reboot of Sam Raimi’s successful series of films, as we once again get a glimpse of the origin story in this short teaser. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) plays Peter Parker/Spider-man, and Emma Stone (Easy A) portrays Gwen Stacey, last seen as Bryce Dallas Howard in the ill-conceived Spider-man 3.

While it isn’t quite as iconically thrilling as The Dark Knight Rises teaser, even with more footage than that trailer ever gave us, there is still a certain spider-sense tingling at the thought of this reboot. The sour taste of the last near-musical version of the Raimi trilogy hasn’t quite washed out of our mouths yet, but with this solid cast and (500) Days of Summer helmer Marc Webb behind the camera, we are still cautiously optimistic about this one.

Andrew Garfield is The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man is released on 4 July 2012 in Australia from Sony.

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