The Amazing Spider-man: New costume images

The Amazing Spider-man (via Latino Review) has posted two new publicity images of the webslinger posing from Marc Webb’s forthcoming The Amazing Spider-man.

They are fairly familiar, except for that giant watermark through the middle, and it is good to see that Spidey has some decent grip on his feet. If he is going to continue hanging out in the rain, there’s always the potential to slip. Safety first and all that. Now all he needs to do is worry about that whole breathing thing through a basketball fabric. And chafing: nasty, nasty chafing.

We also recently posting some other official publicity shots from the film. We’ll re-post these ones here once they are officially released by Sony.

The Amazing Spider-Man -
The Amazing Spider-Man -
The Amazing Spider-man is released on 4 July 2012 in Australia from Sony.