Bruce Boxleitner says Tron 3 is a “done deal”

TRON - Bruce Boxleitner

DeskofBrian has posted a fan video with Bruce Boxleitner, star of the original TRON and TRON: Legacy, indicating that there will be a third TRON film in 2013.

Shot at Disney’s D23 Expo last week, Boxleitner expresses his excitement in seeing TRON back on the big screen. When asked if he would saddled up for a third installment, he casually adds that it is a “done deal”.

Boxleitner adds: “It’s already in the works, my friend…2013 I think…it takes a long time to make these things”.


Is Boxleitner simply being flippant? The film made over $400 million at the global box office, so it isn’t inconceivable that Disney has already green-lit a new TRON film. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  • Valisk

    Can this one have a plot this time?