WINNERS: Madman Meek’s Cutoff and The Last Circus Giveaway

Thanks to Madman, we had 4 copies of alt.Western Meek’s Cutoff and Spain’s The Last Circus to give away to some lucky readers. Now that all the entries are in, we are pleased to be able to announce the winners of this giveaway.

The Last Circus DVD1937, Spain is in the midst of the brutal Spanish Civil War. A “Happy” circus clown is interrupted mid-performance and forcibly recruited by a militia. Still in his costume, he is handed a machete and led into battle against National soldiers, where he single handedly massacres an entire platoon. This absurd and disturbing scenario raises the curtain on a twisted tale of love, revenge, and psychopathic clowns that could only spring from the mind of filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia.

Fast forward to 1973, the tail end of the Franco regime. Javier, the son of the clown, dreams of following in his father’s career footsteps…

To win one of four DVDs, all you had to do was tell us the name of the filmmaker behind The Last Circus. The answer was, of course, right in front of your noses: Álex de la Iglesia.

Drawn randomly from a digital hat by a sinister clown (aren’t all clowns sinister?) the winners are:

  • Karen Green
  • Leah Staker
  • Kristina Snowden
  • Sally Bigmore

Meek's Cutoff DVDAcademy Award nominee Michelle Williams (Blue ValentineBrokeback Mountain) stars alongside Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) and Bruce Greenwood (I’m Not ThereCapote) in the latest acclaimed film from award-winning filmmaker, Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and LucyOld Joy).

The year is 1845 and a wagon team of three families is setting off across the sparse terrain of the Oregon desert, in northwest USA. They are guided by mountain man Stephen Meek, who claims to know a short cut, but when they become lost in the dry rock and sage, their faith in their guide, and in each other, weakens. After days of wandering, suffering the hardships of the inhospitable landscape and unable to find water, a Native American wanderer crosses their path. The pioneers are torn between trusting their guide or a man who has always been seen as the enemy.

To win one of four DVDs, all you had to do was tell us the name of the director of Meek’s Cutoff. The answer, of course, was Kelly Reichardt. Our randomly drawn winners are:

  • Leanne Kennedy
  • Becky Stimson
  • Andrew McCarthy
  • Sandy Morris

Congratulations! Keep an eye on your mail boxes, as your details are in the safe hands of Paramount.

Thanks again to Madman for providing these prizes, and be and be sure to keep watching The Reel Bits for more exciting giveaways.