Posters for Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 poster

There have been several bootleg versions of the poster floating around on the interwebs, but we’ve chosen not to post them until something more official came out. Now Sony has released two hi-res versions of the teaser posters for Men in Black 3.

The URL at the bottom of the posters,, redirects to a Facebook page of the same name, with the following single post:

I’ve uncovered that there’s these Men in Black suits who monitor and police alien activity on earth. Up until now no one believes me, so I’m on a mission to prove that they’re real and that’s why I started this Facebook page. More soon.

Men in Black 3 will hit US cinemas on 25 May 2012, and on the 24 May 2012 in Australia from Sony.

Men in Black 3 poster - Will Smith

Men in Black 3 poster - Tommy Lee Jones