Brian Beletic to direct film inspired by Disneyland’s Matterhorn

Matterhorn (Disneyland)

Matterhorn poster DisneylandDisney had already announced plans to make a film based on their Disneyland theme park attraction Matterhorn, and now Deadline has announced that they have hired commercial director Brian Beletic to make his feature debut on the picture.

Following the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, and er…Country Bears…and….Haunted Mansion…so following the success of Pirates of the Caribbean (let’s just forget Mission to Mars), Disney are having another crack at franchise synchronicity it seems. It is simply known as the “Untitled Explorers Project” while in development.

The logline for the film doesn’t fill us with hope. “A small group of young, super adventure/explorers, each with a specific skill set, are brought to the remote backcountry of the Pennine Alps under various guises for a trek across one of the planet’s remaining untouched realms. They do this with extreme skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.”

The choice of new director may seem like a gamble on a big picture, but it paid off Tron: Legacy‘s Joseph Kosinski  and The Muppets‘ James Bobin as the source points out.

Originally built in 1959, the mountain has dominated the Disneyland skyline for over half a century, and contains a bobsled-style roller coaster. It historically served as a connecting point for the Disneyland Skyway, but they closed in 1994. The biggest refurbishment came in 1978, when Audio-Animatronic Yeti (or Abominable Snowmen, which have been nicknamed Harold), were added. The bobsled ride will have new sleds added at the start of 2012.


  • Justin

    You seem to even have forgotten Tower of Terror with Steve Guttenberg! 🙂

    Anyway, yay for more movies based on Disneyland rides! Though aren’t we still waiting for The Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Mountain?

    • I hadn’t forgotten it at all, just deliberately choosing to ignore it 🙂
      Yes, anything that will point out the awesomeness of Disneyland is…awesome!