The Official Iron Sky Poster has Nazis, Airships and…Sarah Palin?

Iron Sky Poster Slice

In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. In 2018 they are coming back. Iron Sky is a black science fiction comedy coming out on 4th of April 2012in the US. They wrapped principal photography on February 2011 at the Village Roadshow studios in Australia. Now the official site has released the poster for the film, and it pretty much has everything.

Let’s do the list: Nazis? Definitely check. The only thing better than Nazis? Hot Nazis? Oh yes. One with cleavage and a short skirt, the other in leather. And that’s just the women. Plus, there’s Nazis in gas masks, and they are potentially sexy too, although the gas masks seem to be more of an aesthetic enhancement than a functional one. Airships? Are you even looking?

If that isn’t enough, there are some kind of spacecraft hovering overhead, and…wait. Is that Sarah Palin running for office on the building on the left?

Check out the official site for more details, and how you can see this film.

Iron Sky Poster

  • Babyboomer1960

    Sarah Palin?! Really? This story is like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” except for the drugs and gratuitous debauchery. Really… Really.

  • stefan

    no its G.W. Bushs daughter Jenna Bush