US poster and Teaser for The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones US Poster

It debuted all the way back in September 2009 in Toronto, but Australia’s The Loved Ones is finally getting a limited national release in the US thanks to TUGG. Now Rama’s Screen has revealed the US poster and teaser trailer for the dark-horror-comedy, along with details on how you can get this terrific film into theatres.

In rural Victoria, Brent (Xavier Samuel) is slowly getting over the death of his father, killed while Brent  was driving. Asked to the school dance by the ‘quiet one’ in the school, Lola (Rebecca McLeavy), he turns her down as he already has a loving girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine). However, Lola has other plans for the dance. She has been preparing for this for quite some time, and the little matter of Brent’s lack of enthusiasm isn’t going to dampen hers.

When we reviewed the film in July 2010, we said it was “Australian horror at its most fun, filled with the kind of over the top splatter that horror fans will flock to”. While it failed to find a huge audience here, it is the kind of film that should have a massive cult following around the world.

If you live in the US, visit to find out how to bring The Loved Ones to a theatre near you in June.

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The Loved Ones - US poster

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