Oz Comic-Con Kicks Off in Adelaide This Weekend!

Jewel Staite - Serenity

Oz Comic-ConThis Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1, the first inaugural Oz Comic-Con hits Adelaide with a vengeance. Comic-Con might be the most recognisable name around the world for entertainment events, and we will finally be seeing our very own version here in Australia. The ‘Con will continue on to Melbourne, where the legendary Stan Lee will also be in the house.

In the spirit of Comic-Con events throughout the world, globally recognised as entertainment industry powerhouses, Oz Comic-Con will be a pop culture expo like no other. For an entire weekend gaming, comics, TV and movie stars, anime, cos-players and sci-fi lovers alike will converge on the one venue to celebrate the best in popular culture and entertainment.

Highlights of the event include celebrity appearances from Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings), Disney legend  Bill Farmer (the voice of Goofy), Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek) and Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead), among others.

Oz Comic-Con wants us to remind you that you can get full details on www.ozcomiccon.com. Tickets available through Ticketmaster, and available on the door for purchase, both days.

Other special Oz Comic-Con film and TV guests include:

  • BEN BROWDER – Farscape, Going Homer, Naught for Hire, Dr Who
  • GIGI EDGLEY – Farscape, Rescue: Special Ops, Tricky Business
  • CORIN NEMICStargate SG1, Supernatural
  • MATT DORAN – The Matrix, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Voice Actors:

  • SEAN SCHEMMEL – Goku, Dragon Ball
  • DEBI DERRYBERRY – Jimmy Neutron, Monster High, Playhouse Disney 

Comic and Publishing guests:

  • NICOLA SCOTT – Birds of Prey (DC), Secret Six, Teen Titans, JSA (Justice Society of America)
  • STEWART MCKENNY – DC Super Friends, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Captain America (Marvel), Star Wars Tales (Dark Horse).
  • DOUG HOLGATE: The Amazing Joy Buzzards (Image Comics), Zack Proton (Simon and Schuster), The Zinc Alloy and Bike Rider Series (Stonearch Books).
  • QUEENIE CHAN – In Odd We Trust, Odd Is On Our Side.
  • FREDDIE E WILLIAMS II – The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics and Captain Atom (The New 52 Reboot)
  • JON SOMMARIVA – Go Boy 7 (Dark Horse), Gemini (Image Comics).
  • DAVE DE VRIES – Mad Magazine, Jekyll & Hyde, The Things From Another World, The Puppet Master.
  • DAVID YARDIN X-Factor, Astonishing X-Men, Image Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics.

Other special Oz Comic-Con events and activities include: 

  • Cosplay parade and competition: where Adelaide’s underground subcultures converge in an eclectic melange of costumed manga, anime, tokusatsu, graphic novels, video and fantasy characters.
  • Comic and anime stores
  • Rare Collectibles
  • Gaming displays

For all details, head to www.ozcomiccon.com. Tickets available through Ticketmaster, and available on the door for purchase, both days.