New Tom Hodge Poster for The Weather Outside

The Weather Outside poster (Tom Hodge)

The art of Tom Hodge has not only become a favourite of ours over the last few years, but has opened up a world of indie cinema that was previously hidden to us. Case in point is The Weather Outside, which released a noirish poster today Hodge designed for their film via their Facebook page. This might be one of our favourite Hodge designs yet, mixing a unique blend of the retro influences and Hodge’s eye for character detail.

Written and directed by Jason Freeman, the film is described as follows: “Max finds himself separated from his family on Christmas Eve. He ultimately comes to the conclusion that his wife has left him and taken their children along with her. One year after the disappearance, he begins to discover that he might have one last risky chance to get them back”.

Hodge talks at length on his blog about the creation of the poster. Here is an excerpt:

We wanted the direction of the design to have that film noir aesthetic as it has such a rich history it instantly gives the viewerthat visual connection for the films tone. The composition of theelements was an important factor (being a mystery romance) too in showing the interaction of the characters and there relationshipto each other (Every element tells a subtle yet important part of the narrative). I wanted to have all elements merging into one another to show how they are interlinked which i did through thestrong use of shadows, this also worked well to portray a darker atmosphere.

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The Weather Outside poster (Tom Hodge)