First Official Image from The Muppets 2!

The Muppets 2

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog turned up at CinemaCon, the Official Convention of The National Association of Theatre Owners (aka the other NATO), to make a very special announcement: they will be making another film. This confirms Nicholas Stoller’s comments last week.

The official Facebook page later posted the image below, with the message: “Kermit and Miss Piggy made a special appearance at CinemaCon today to make it official: We’re making a new Muppet movie!”

No release date, casting or further details have been announced. This also seems to be marketed at this early stage as a proper sequel to last year’s The Muppets, breaking with the tradition of standalone Muppet movies. That said, co-writer Stoller (with director James Bobin) has previously commented that “I think it’s similar to the first one in that the first one certainly had dramatic connections to the first Muppet movie, but it was a whole new thing, hopefully. This is the same thing. We love The Great Muppet Caper and we love Muppets Take Manhattan and whatnot. So this has some elements of that, but it’s different because it’s in the tone of what James and I like to do…We are introducing new characters. That’s really fun to do”.

It could just be an early marketing ploy or a working title, but that sure looks like Walter’s hand though, doesn’t it?

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The Muppets 2 Official Logo Image