Mondo Assembles The Avengers Posters

Iron Man poster - Mondo

The Avengers has begun to release around the world, with it already out in Australia and being released in the UK and Europe this week, followed by the US on 4 May. To celebrate, Mondo have assembled a collection of posters from some of their best collaborative artists for the job.

The two brand new posters for Captain America and Hulk will go on sale tomorrow at a random time. Sourced from Mondo directly, these were designed by Phantom City Creative and Australian artist Ken Taylor respectively. has also posted Mondo’s epic take on Thor from Martin Ansin, who recently did the The Planet of the Apes poster for the Alamo Drafthouse. Finally, io9 have posted the two Kevin Tong posters for Iron Man that will go on sale, with Thor, on Friday. We’ve also included the Black Widow and Hawkeye posters that were released last week.

If you want these, follow Mondo News on Twitter to fin out the on sale dates. Be quick, as these tend to disappear in minutes, only to mysteriously reappear on eBay moments later. Earth’s mightiest retailers!

Captain America poster - Mondo

Hulk poster - Mondo

Iron Man poster - Mondo

Iron Man poster - Mondo Variant

Thor poster Mondo - Final

Avengers Black Widow Mondo Poster

Avengers Mondo Hawkeye Poster