Teaser for Hideaki Anno and Studio Ghibli Live Action Short

"Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru" (Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo)

Hideaki Anno Tokusatsu Museum posterTwitch (via Anime New Network) and Crunchyroll reports that Hideaki Anno, the creator of the groundbreaking Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, will be collaborating with the legendary Studio Ghibli on a live action short film for an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.

Director Hideaki Anno largely got his start on Hayao Miyzaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, for a suitably impressed Miyazki. He went on to found Gainax and release Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, Gunbuster and of course, Evangelion. However, the title of his latest collaborative work Kyōshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru – literally Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo – would appear to be a reference to the Giant God Warriors of Nausicaä.

Part of a exhibition entitled Hideaki Anno’s Tokusatsu Museum, focusing on special effects, the exhibition will run from July 10 to October 8 at Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and also feature miniature models used for special effects, showcasing a history of Japanese movie magic.

Yesterday, inazougmail posted this short teaser on YouTube: