Teaser for Sion Sono’s The Land of Hope

The Land of Hope - Sion Sono

The Land of Hope production posterAs Australian audiences patiently wait for Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono‘s Himizu to hit local screens, a teaser trailer has emerged (via Wildgrounds) for his thematic follow-up, The Land of Hope.

The cult director is best known for his art work, poetry and film such as Guilty of Romance, Cold Fish and Love Exposure. With Himuzu, he delivered a devastating look at the effects of the March 2011 disasters that recently befell Japan. The Land of Hope (希望の国) appears to take a similar theme, but infuses it with a sense of hope. The film concentrates on a group of people in a quake ravaged neighbourhood who hold onto their love despite the tragedy.

The film only began shooting in January 2012, and was completed last month! Forming the middle part of a brave trilogy exploring the aftermath of the quake and subsequent tsunami, the impressive cast includes veteran actors Isao NatsuyagiNaoko OtaniJun Murakami and Sono regular Megumi Kagurazaka.

The Land of Hope is due for release in Japan in “Autumn 2012”.