The First Trailer for the Latest James Bond Film Skyfall

Daniel Craig - Skyfall Trailer

Skyfall poster officialThe first trailer for Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, was released today online (via, giving us our first glimpse of the third outing with Daniel Craig from director Sam Mendes.

We only get a few precious moments of action footage, but it looks like it will be cranking up the volume on the series yet again. The one consistency with Jame Bond is the oneupmanship of the series, but the last few films have been tempered by the cool and steely gaze of Craig, arguably a new breed of Bond born from a audience-driven demand for more “realistic” super spies. The interrogation scene is reminiscent of our first glimpses of Craig as 007 back in Casino Royale.

Skyfall will be released in Australia on 22 November 2012 from Sony.