The Avengers DVD and Blu-ray Arrives August 29 in Australia

The Avengers Assemble

The Avengers Blu-ray Combo CoverEzyDVD has announced that The Avengers will hit Australia DVD and Blu-ray shelves on August 29, almost a month ahead of the US release on September 25. That’s just a four month window between cinema and home. The gap is closing.

Directed by Joss Whedon, Marvel’s The Avengers is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series The Avengers, first published in 1963. The super team of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk (and some other folk) must band together to stop the world from being all destroyed and such. The film stars Robert Downey Jr.Chris EvansMark RuffaloChris HemsworthScarlett JohanssonJeremy RennerCobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson.

EzyDVD is currently offering three sets for pre-order: DVD, a Blu-ray + DVD and a Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + Digital edition. No word on any other large boxsets as yet.

As previously announced, the set will include the following:


    • Alternate Opening – Maria Hill Interrogation
    • Extended Scene – Loki & Barton Strategize
    • Steve Rogers – Man Out of Time
    • Nick Fury & World Security Council
    • Extended Viaduct Fight – Raw Footage
    • Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council
    • Extended Scene – Banner and Security Guard
    • Alternate Ending – Maria Hill Interrogation
    • A Visual Journey


    •  A Visual Journey
  • notimpressed

    incorrect. audio commentary is missing as is the 90min behind the scenes

  • JL

    why are dvds and movies being released in australia so soon?? :s

  • PeteyPak

    I think I won’t be the only one who’d like it to be clearer that the AU release is missing those features! Could you edit the article to cross that out or put it in red or something?

    Equally, as a casual reader of your post-release review (linked in the comments), I would have completely missed the references to the DVD being incomplete, so it would be nice to highlight that.

    It matters enough to me that I’m about to return the copy that I’ve just bought out of disappointment – as with the recent sports coverage snafus in this country, it’s becoming increasingly important to clarify to studios and companies that we’re happy to pay for content, but we aren’t going to put up with second-rate BS. I don’t know if I’m an “average” customer, but I pretty much bought the movies /for/ the special features. If I just wanted to see the main feature again I’d rent it for $3 instead of buying it for $30!

    • Fair point, have updated per your suggestions.

      As for the review, I’ve mentioned it is bare bones and missing several features and “disappointing”, but I have highlighted for casual readers with a bold “What’s missing?”.

      All we can do is agree with you: it’s a real shame.