New Lizard Poster for The Amazing Spider-man, Opens at $50 Million Overseas

The Amazing Spider-man - Lizard poster

The Amazing Spider-man has opened internationally, and hits Queensland and Northern Territory cinemas today, with the US on Tuesday and the rest of Australia to follow on Wednesday. Just in time for that convoluted release pattern comes a new poster featuring the eye of the lizard. It’s the cream of the fight, rising up to the challenge of his rival, Spider-man.

Is it just us, or does this remind you of that Godzilla poster from circa 1998? Will the Lizard be destroying our cities? One thing is for sure, it has already sent people running in the direction of cinemas.

According to ComingSoon’s Box Office Report, the film

…launched internationally in 13 Asian markets and brought in $50.2 million with Korea scoring $13.4 million on 1,213 screens, the third-highest opening for a Hollywood movie behind the last two “Transformers” movies; it opened 24% higher than Spider-Man 3 and 10% higher than The Avengers. Japan claimed $11.4 million on 1,092 screens, 84% of that country’s weekend box office. The other Asian countries including India–where it set a new opening record for a Hollywood film with just $6 million–the Phillippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more also showed huge openings on par with other major blockbusters.

The Amazing Spider-man - Lizard poster

Gozilla (1998) Eye poster