Dinosaurs Vs Aliens Trailer and Interviews with Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens - Web Motion Comic

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens CoverComic book writer extraordinaire Grant Morrison and Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld have been collaborating on a project called Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens. Now Yahoo! Movies has released a trailer for the web motion comic, along with a trio of interviews with the pair on the creation of the world.

Developed by the duo simultaneously as a graphic novel and a screenplay, both written by Morrison, the graphic novel was released last week via Dynamite. Illustrated by Mukesh Singh, who previously worked with Morrison on the 18 Days hardcover, it deals with the idea of aliens invading Earth during the reign of the dinosaurs, who must defend their planet by any means necessary.

The videos mostly discuss the approaches they are taking in bringing the story to life across the two very different formats. Fans might remember Mark Millar taking a similar approach with the release of his first Kick-Ass series.

  • Now this seems rather interesting (I mean it is something … different … to some extent), but I don’t expect too much, cause the last time an alien was put into contact with another element (cowboys) Things didn’t work out that well (sadly). However I may be wrong, but regardless of the outcome, well done putting together the article!