Podcast: ABC Overnights – They Keep Making the Same Movie!

Tim Burton

ABC Local RadioWe were lucky enough to be invited to once again take up a guest spot on the ABC Radio Overnights, at the always interesting hour of 4am to 5am. Richard Gray joins Rod Quinn to discuss the actors, directors and writers who seem to keep rehashing the same ideas in films. Produced by Melanie Tait and Dan Glover.

Why do the latest movies feel like Groundhog Day? Find out why Hollywood loves to rehash movies and film characters as we discuss everyone from Alfred Hitchcock and Elvis Presley, Woody Allen to Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers and Richard Curtis.

We last appeared on ABC Overnights in May, where we discussed Mad, Bad Rulers in Film. You can listen to our other weekly podcasts including Film Actually News, review show Film Actually and our comic book show Behind the Panels.