Podcast: ABC Overnights – Time Travel Movies

Back to the Future - Delorean

Back again in the ABC studios for the first time in a while, Richard Gray joined ABC Overnights host Rod Quinn for a chat about time travel movies. People have long been fascinated by the possiblity of time travel, and movies have explored the concept in astonishingly wide variety of ways.


At the always fun hour of 4am to 5am on 12 October 2013, from The Time Machine through Back to the Future and the recent flicks such as About Time, we discuss the rules of time travel, and take calls about favourite time travel flicks.

Once again we need to thank Rod for the invite on the show, and producer Mark Sutton of course! We’ve been appearing on ABC Overnights semi-regularly, and you can find most of our previous appearances here. You can listen to our other weekly podcast over at Behind the Panels.