Contributors Wanted: The Reel Bits Wants You!

We Want You!

The Reel Bits Cube Logo - MediumEverybody wants to be wanted. Some of us just want to be useful. Now you can be both.

The Reel Bits has been getting bigger and better lately, perhaps too big for its own britches, and we frankly can’t be everywhere at once. If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in the byline of a prominent website, now is your chance. We are keen to expand, and we can only do that with more people!

In particular, we are looking for the following types of people:

    • Columnists: Have you got a great idea for a regular column? It could be weekly, monthly…maybe even daily! Have you got a burning passion for a topic but no platform to publish it on? The Reel Bits might be your new home.
    • Subject Specialists: Got knowledge? Maybe you love Japanese cinema, or are really into horror films. Maybe you are world’s foremost expert on Latvian melodramas. Whatever your bag is, if you love to write about it, there is a place here for you.
    • Correspondents: This is an area we are really keen to expand into. We are Sydney based, but are looking for contributors who want cover their regional film or entertainment events. A regular at Sundance? Never miss a film in Melbourne? Local to LA? Is Cannes your neighbourhood?
    • Casual Contributors: Can’t commit to a regular column? We understand! Writing is hard, which is why we want more people to help us with the load. Perhaps you just want to be on call for a screening, interview or event we can’t make. Maybe do a guest spot on one of our regular columns like 80s Bits. Many hands make light work.

If any of this interests you, please drop us a line by emailing Richard with an idea or a writing sample at

We want to be upfront and say that this would be a voluntary gig, with no payment for contributions. We can, however, say that your work will be seen by a wide audience and it is a good chance for you to expand your portfolio. Trust us: a little exposure can go a long way.

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