New Skyfall Olympic TV Spot and James Bond Meets the Queen

James Bond TV Spot

Skyfall poster officialIf you turned on a television today, you may have noticed that there was this little sporting event that they tend to run every four years or so. Directed by Danny Boyle, the opening ceremony was a very British affair, by way of symbolic light shows and winged people in lycra on bicycles. What is more British than Bond, James Bond?

Part of the ceremony was a special skit involving Bond (played by Daniel Craig) escorting Her Majesty the Queen to an aircraft, which she proceeded to jump out of. It was all in good fun, but the real thrill for fans was the new TV spot from Skyfall. Featuring a few familiar scenes, and an awesome piece of footage on a train, this has us very excited for the new film.

The footage from the Olympics is unavailable due to the strict copyright clampdown from the Olympic Committee.

Skyfall will be released in Australia on 22 November 2012 from Sony.

James Bond Escorts the Queen - BBC (Olympic Games)