Podcast: ABC Overnights – Trilogies and Series

Star Wars Trilogy

ABC Local RadioABC Radio Overnights, at the always fun hour of 4am to 5am back on 27 October 2012. Richard Gray joins Rod Quinn to discuss films that are part of a series, including trilogies and beyond. Produced by Dan Glover.

From the Back to the Future to The Godfather, we wanted to explore movie trilogies and series. Overnights’ movie expert, Richard Gray, from online film magazine The Reel Bits, joined Rod to chat about prequels, sequels and film franchises.

Once again we need to thank Rod and Dan for the invite on the show, it’s always a blast. We’ve been appearing on ABC Overnights regularly, and you can find most of our previous appearances here. You can listen to our other weekly podcasts including Film Actually News, review show Film Actually and our comic book show Behind the Panels.