Kevin Smith completes Clerks III script at 137 pages

Clerks 3 script - Kevin Smith

Fans of Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse have another cause for rejoicing today as the writer/director/podcaster announced that he had completed work on writing the third film in the Clerks series. Describing the film as the “Empire Strikes Back” of the series, it will mark Smith’s first return to that universe since 2006’s Clerks II.

Smith had been fairly open about the production process and some of the legal difficulties around this film on his podcast Hollywood Babble-On, which is co-hosted with Ralph Garman.

Some of the cast, including Jeff Anderson, believe that they are still owed money from the Weinsteins from the profits of Clerks II. This means it is still possible that the film may not see the light of day. Either way, a new old-school Smith film, reportedly about dealing with the gang in their 40s, is something to get excited about.

Clerks III script - Kevin Smith