Rocky and Mr. T

Podcast: ABC Overnights – Sporting Movies

Returning to the ABC Studios in Sydney for the first time since July, Richard Gray joined ABC Overnights host Rod Quinn for a chat about sports movies. Fresh off the back of the most recent Olympiad, we chat about films that discuss sporting endeavours.


From the plethora of baseball movies to the more obscure sports, we cover the gamut of films from Air Bud to White Men Can’t Jump. There’s also plenty of talk about the 1955 film Geordie for some reason. Fun fact: according to the National Film Finance Corporation, the film made a comfortable profit.

Once again we need to thank Rod for the invite on the show, and producer Mawunyo Gbogbo of course! We’ve been appearing on ABC Overnights semi-regularly, and you can find most of our previous appearances here.