Podcast: ABC Overnights – The Godfather

The Godfather - Al Pacino

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s THE GODFATHER, Richard Gray valiantly battled a severe cold to once again joined host Rod Quinn on ABC Overnights to discuss one of the greatest films of all time.


Covering the plot of the first film, behind the scenes fun and trivia and some thoughts on the Trilogy as a whole, Rod and Richard celebrate their beloved film and incessantly quote and dissect the life and crimes of the Corleone clan.

Once again we need to thank Rod for the invite on the show, and for a fun year of talking film, and producer Mawunyo Gbogbo of course! We’ve been appearing on ABC Overnights semi-regularly, and you can find most of our previous appearances here.

(Fun fact: 5 years ago, Richard and Rod discussed Godfathers and Gangsters for the classic film’s 40th anniversary).