‘Avengers 4’ will ‘wrap everything up’ says Chris Evans

Captain America: Civil War

While Chris Evans has a six-film contract that ends with Avengers: Infinity War, he has confirmed to UK’s The Telegraph that he will return for a seventh film. The yet-to-be-titled AVENGERS 4 is planned to roll out on 3 May 2019. It sounds like it’s going to be huge.

Speaking of why he chose to come back for the seventh time, he said that the two-film arc “made sense. It’s going to wrap everything up.”

“I had six films in my Marvel contract, so I could have said after the third Avengers I was done, but they wanted to make the third and fourth Avengers films as a two-parter,” he added. “They said they had so many other characters to fit in – Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ant Man – and couldn’t get them all into one movie.”

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, will helm both parts of the Avengers sequel.