‘Twin Peaks: The Third Season’ DVD/Blu-ray officially announced

Twin Peaks Part 17 Cristiano Siqueira001f

David Lynch has taken to Twitter to officially announce that all 18 episodes of TWIN PEAKS 2017’s series will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s due out on 5 December 2017, so there’s a very strange Christmas binge waiting in stockings this year.

The series was entirely written by Mark Frost and directed by Lynch, thrilling some, baffling others, and turning the entire Internet into critics as we tried to decipher that stunning ending. Largely said to me one long film by Lynch, and if the previous Blu-ray sets are any indication, we can expect some pretty serious bonus features on this one. Then again, Inland Empire‘s DVD was 3 hours without chapter stops, so let’s not second guess this.

In other news, Criterion will release Fire Walk with Me on 17 October in a a new 4K transfer with 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound. It will also include The Missing Pieces and 2014 interviews with the cast.

While we don’t expect it anytime soon, Lynch also recently told fans that he wouldn’t rule out more episodes, but they may have to wait a while for them.

Twin Peaks: The Third Season Blu-ray